GRC Solutions

How to effectively choose an appropriate GRC technology that meets your business and regulatory requirements?

A correctly chosen GRC platform is essential element to increase application security efficiency and avoid unnecessary complexities.

Leveraging proven software selection methodologies and utilizing our risk and compliance consulting experiences, we help our customers to focus on their business needs when selecting the right GRC technology.

We assist our customers in identifying the particular challenges in their organization intended to be solved by implementation of GRC tool.

Wizya consulting services in selecting GRC software, include:

  • Help customers to clarify the concept of Governance, Risk and Compliance
  • Assist in identifying business requirements of organization and various stakeholders to define a clear product scope and strategy
  • Perform assessment of the current state of customer’s GRC program, processes and policies;
  • Benchmarking of ‘Best of breed’ GRC solutions
  • Provide a guidance framework to select an appropriate GRC tool
  • Define criteria and methodology for GRC platform selection
  • Help in defining GRC Implementation roadmap
  • Propose deployment methodology of selected GRC technology

The main function of enterprise GRC solutions (Governance, Risk and Compliance) is to help organizations to automatically detect, manage and prevent access risk violations and reduce unauthorized access to company business data and sensitive information.

Compliance requirements like Sarbanes-Oxley (SOX), mandate controls to detect, mitigate and prevent misconduct. These rules are backed up by auditing and hefty noncompliance penalties, but leave many of the details of implementation up to companies.

Leveraging proven methodologies and utilizing the vast experience of our experts, our project deliverables are:

  • Assess your organization’s compliance and regulatory landscape
  • Help in defining GRC Implementation roadmap
  • Propose deployment methodology
  • Manage GRC Implementation project

We use a proven methodology to assess and execute GRC projects

  • Manage technical installation and customization of GRC solution
  • Solution design, test, deployment and monitoring
  • Assist in defining processes and governance model, incorporated within GRC Solution:
    • Risk Matrix Maintenance process
    • SoD Review process
    • Compensating Controls Maintenance process
    • Access Provisioning process
    • User Access Review process
    • Super user Privileges Management process
  • Deliver GRC trainings to business and technical support teams
  • Ensure the solution post go-live support and maintenance

In Wizya, we help our customer’s to address their individual organization’s view of business risks and security processes, to implement solution tailored to customer’s requirements.

To ensure the smooth operation of your GRC platform and compliance with audit standards, Wizya Security and compliance professionals provide customers with operational support for GRC technology maintenance, incidents resolution and solution enhancement.

We assure accurate and continuous monitoring of your GRC environment, by improving, supporting and extending your access and process controls implementation.

We help you to adapt your new business requirements and ensure the sustainability of GRC solution, that allow you to stay one-step ahead of audit and regulatory requirements.

  • Ensure continuous monitoring
  • Addresses and manage specific GRC enhancements
  • Manage technical incidents
  • Solution optimizations
  • Review and harmonization processes
  • Provide security support, advisory and monitoring solutions

Deliver GRC training to business and technical support teamsWe build long term partnerships with our clients adapting professional and ethical support approach to delivering quality services on time and within budget.