Internal Controls are a framework of methods and procedures within the organization designed to ensure the integrity of company’s financial information, reduce the risk of error or fraud and reach the compliance with laws, regulations and policies.

Wizya experts help you to analyze company’s internal rules based on the organization’s business processes and industry best practices, and provide the recommendations for optimizing your internal controls, including :

  • IT General Controls – design/redesign, test and document controls over change management processes
  • IT Application Controls – design/redesign, test and document automated system-based controls over business processes
  • Manual Controls – design/redesign, test and document controls intent to detect, report and approve sensitive and critical business transactions processing

The wealth of our experience enables us to deliver tested and tried best practice recommendations, adopted to the organization’s unique nature of activities, risks, concerns and desired levels of control, in accordance with audit standards.

Control frameworks and their operation are essential for carrying out the internal control activities in accordance with laws and regulations.

It is important to have a robust framework of internal control system and appropriate methods to test them.

Our consulting team incorporates our in-depth security experience into your controls strategy to address your organization risks and controls around them.

We ensure that control framework design tailored to the risks and internal requirements of our customers and operate effectively.

Our consultancy services include:

  • Perform risks assessment, in order to identify the areas in which the greatest threat or risk of inaccuracies or loss exist
  • Review, redesign and improve existing frameworks
  • Assess available software solutions to improve the way you organization’s controls are managed, or enhance the solutions already in place.
  • Define monitoring strategy, to test and perform controls activities and execute periodic assessments
  • Best Practice recommendations

We will guide you throughout the entire process providing the expert recommendations from our wealth of hands-on experience.

Automated system controls are a key part of a strong internal control environment. Implementation of a robust control automation solution enables organizations to increase efficiency of operations by reducing the time consuming tasks of manual data collection , improve the accuracy and help to eliminate fraud.

Controls automation enable organizations to reduce human intervention due to the nature of the task, such as data collection and mapping, while maintaining human input in areas such as data analysis, validation and remediation.

Wizya specialists have a deep understanding of this area, with an extensive experience in deploying successful control automation solutions.

We pride ourselves on being the pioneers in deployment of SAP Access Violation Management solution in Europe.

We guarantee the independence of our consulting services and recommendations, since we have no involvement in solution commercial distribution and sales.

Our consulting services cover:

  • SAP AVM (Access Violation Management) deployment consultancy
  • Controls automation activities such as data collection
  • Perform a deep dive review of customer’s risks to deploy suitable automated control for risks management
  • Ensure that automated controls are correctly configured to eliminate false positives and false negatives
  • Assist in definition of Business ownership over the implemented controls
  • Provide recommendation on exceptions monitoring
  • Develop remediation plan to reduce the number of exceptions
  • Controls library documentation, compliant with audit standards
  • Produce procedures to monitor vulnerabilities and manage process around mitigating controls
  • Reduction of costs related to manual data collection and communication

We deliver comprehensive recommendation of the pros and cons for the selected automated controls and the benefits these could bring to your organization, business owners, internal and external audit teams.