SAP Security & Authorizations

A tangible and robust authorization design enables organizations to safeguard their business critical data from exposure and the risks of financial threats.

Our SAP security and GRC specialists have both the technical and functional expertise to help our customers in building SAP authorization design tailored to organization needs.

Leveraging proven methodologies and utilizing the vast experience of our experts, our project deliverables are:

  • Define a robust authorization concept for new SAP Implementations
  • Design, build and maintain a compliant role design across SAP systems
  • Propose remediation program for existing solutions
  • Consult and implement security restrictions in order to reduce the number of SoD risks within SAP environment
  • Business roles free of SoD conflicts
  • Support in defining ownership over business roles
  • Build Role library and documentation

A compliant management of SAP user accounts represents a major challenge within many organizations due to the element of risk of human errors and potential for users to intentionally engaging in malicious acts to cause disruption or fraud.

Wizya SAP security and GRC experts will help you to define your user live cycle management procedure and incorporate SoD compliance into your approval processes.

We deliver comprehensive recommendations and configure the tools available to manage and monitor your SAP user access environment.

Our consultancy services include:

  • Define a robust user access and authorization concept
  • Assess business and regulatory requirements for User access management
  • Define customer tailored User Access management process, based on best practice recommendations and in compliance with audit standards
  • Life-cycle automation for external and internal users
  • Deliver an audit-proof solution
  • Reduce exposure of user profiles to Sod and critical access risks
  • Identify critical rights assignment
  • Super user privileges management
  • Eradicate security threats triggered from active accounts that do not have any valid owner
  • Assist in reducing costs and effort related to help desk workload and expenditures

We help our customers to establish security processes and implement a tangible and robust security processes and policies in order to safeguard their business critical data from exposure and the risks of financial threats.

Our consultancy services include:

  • SAP Change and Transport tools
  • User Administration process
  • Privileged User process
  • Business role change management process
  • SoD Review process